Diesel Exhaust May Cause Cancer

by Sokolove Law

Two new studies suggest that diesel exhaust may cause cancer, according to a cancer group associated with the World Health Organization.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) says the two studies are the first to provide evidence that links diesel exhaust to higher rates of cancer, according to CNN. The IARC has classified diesel exhaust as a potential cancer-causing agent for twenty years.

The two studies were based on data gathered from the National Cancer Institute on more than 12,000 mine workers. The studies show that workers exposed to diesel exhaust underground had an increase in lung cancer rates, And those with the greatest exposure had higher cancer rates. Workers with the highest exposure tripled their rate of death from lung cancer in one study, according to CNN, while the other study found death rates increased five-fold.

The National Mining Association claims the recent studies are not relevant because they looked at workplace exposures from the 1950s to the 1990s, which does not reflect the changes in technology that have led to reduced exposure.

In addition to miners, transportation workers are frequently exposed to diesel exhaust fumes on the job. Earlier studies suggested these and other workers may be at risk for developing life-threatening conditions such as obstructive lung disease and cancers due to diesel fume exposure.

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