Prepaid Debit Card Fraud

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It’s easy, fast, and convenient: a prepaid debit card can let you use the ATM, pay bills online, and reload cash as needed-all without having to deal with a bank. For students or anyone without a checking or savings account, they’re a convenient way to stay on top of bills and access cash. With estimates ranging up to 80 million consumers without access to a bank account, prepaid debit cards just make sense.

As it turns out, many consumers aren’t getting a deal; they’re getting defrauded, as prepaid debit cards often contain many undisclosed fees. Reloading, ATM withdrawals, purchases, and even inactivity can be expensive – and that’s before more common fees for activation or monthly maintenance.

Is Your Prepaid Debit Card Loaded with Hidden Fees?

Do you use a prepaid debit card? Track the fees and your balance-if it drops by more than you’d expect based on recent purchases and payments, the card issuer may be hitting you with undisclosed fees.

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