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Fentora is a powerful narcotic approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat acute pain associated with cancer.

Several deaths have been linked to the use of Fentora in patients who were prescribed the drug to treat ailments other than cancer. According to the drug’s maker Cephalon Inc., there were four reported deaths associated with Fentora, three of which were related to off-label uses. Two of these patients were prescribed Fentora to treat headaches.

Off-label use refers to when a physician prescribes a drug for non-approved uses. Off-label prescribing can be dangerous, especially with potent drugs like Fentora which have a high potential for abuse and may result in death for those who overdose on it.

Fentora contains Fentanyl, a highly addictive substance that is about 80 times as potent as morphine. Fentanyl is listed in the same class of drugs as opium, cocaine, and methadone by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Since its approval in October 2006, there have been 78,000 prescriptions written for Fentora, according to Cephalon.

Fentanyl is also found in the following drugs:

  • Actiq
  • Duragesic Patch

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