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NeutroSpec Linked To Life Threatening Side Effects

The FDA issued a public health advisory in December 2005, stating that NeutroSpec, an imaging agent used to diagnose appendicitis, had been linked to 2 deaths and 15 life-threatening adverse reactions. The drug was removed from the market after 11,000 patients had been treated with it.

What is NeutroSpec?

NeutroSpec is an imaging agent used to diagnose appendicitis in patients five years of age or older with potential signs and symptoms of appendicitis as well as bone infections. It allows physicians to see clearly the “function” of the appendix rather than just the anatomy of it. NeutroSpec attaches to the white blood cells at the site of the infected appendix, “lighting up” the infection at its source. NeutroSpec is “radio-labeled” because it carries technetium, a radioactive substance. When injected into the blood, NeutroSpec finds and binds to a certain receptor on white blood cells that the body uses to fight infection. Doctors can then locate the antibody and the infection site by using a device called a gamma camera. In case of hard to diagnose cases, the gamma camera pictures allow doctors to accurately see if the appendix is infected and permits them to treat the cause appropriately.

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