Thousands of elderly Americans are abused each year in nursing homes and other facilities responsible for their care. We can help you get the justice and compensation that your loved one deserves.

Nursing Home Neglect

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Jim Sokolove, Founder and Chairman, retired 2013, talks about Sokolove Law's team of specialized nursing home abuse lawyers.

If you trusted a nursing home or assisted living facility to care for a family member or loved one, and now you suspect abuse, you are not alone. Sadly, nursing home abuse among our seniors is on the rise. Every year one out of four nursing homes is cited for causing death or injury to a resident.

No matter what your financial circumstances are, you do have access to justice. An experienced nursing home abuse lawyer can help you fight back against the abusers and get the financial compensation your loved one deserves.

What is nursing home abuse?

Abuse can take many forms – from emotional and financial abuse and neglect to physical assault. Some of our most vulnerable elders are the most susceptible to abuse, including those with dementia or disabilities. No matter what form it takes, nursing home abuse is illegal and needs to be stopped.

Incidents of nursing home abuse are rarely reported to the proper authorities. Residents may be reluctant to complain for fear of retaliation or embarrassment, and family and friends of the victim might be unaware of the common signs of abuse.

Know the Signs of Abuse

If you notice that your loved one exhibits warning signs of abuse, take immediate action. Warning signs may include:

Physical InjuriesNeglectEmotional or Behavioral Changes
Broken bones
Bed sores and bruises
Medication overdose
Head injury
Dehydration or malnourishment
Poor hygiene
Soiled bedding
Agitation, withdrawal or fear
Frequent crying
Complaints of poor treatment

Nursing Home Abuse Law Firms:  How Sokolove Law Can Help

At Sokolove Law, we have over 30 years of experience helping people whose loved ones have suffered from nursing home abuse. An experienced nursing home abuse lawyer can help you recognize the warning signs of abuse and neglect, and get the justice and compensation that your loved one deserves. There is help available – contact us today for a free case consultation.

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