Tissue Transplants

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Human tissue transplantation is a $1 billion-a-year industry, with over one million tissue transplants being performed annually. A single human corpse can be worth tens of thousands of dollars when harvested of its organs.

While there are legitimate companies involved in this field, criminals also seek to profit from others need, sometimes desperate, for treatment. In these cases, proper screening procedures are not followed to ensure the safety of the recovered human tissue. Such procedures include assessing donor eligibility as well as testing for communicable illnesses such as HIV, hepatitis, and syphilis. This lack of donor screening may have inadvertently exposed hundreds of patients to life-threatening diseases.

Those affected by the scandal include not only recipients of the recalled human tissue, but also the families of the deceased whose body parts were sold without permission. If you or someone you love has been injured, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact us today for a free legal consultation.