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Asbestos Lung Cancer Law Firms

How an Asbestos Law Firm Can Help

Asbestos Law Firms have been fighting for the rights of asbestos victims for decades. When government agencies and other institutions have been unable or unwilling to punish negligent companies, asbestos law firms have led the charge.

Once it was proven in the ’70s that manufacturers knew their asbestos-containing products could cause asbestos lung cancer, mesothelioma, and other illnesses, skilled asbestos law firms had little difficulty convincing juries to award large punitive asbestos settlements. This put an end to quiet payouts and opened the door to larger and more just asbestos settlements.

A Lung Cancer Lawyer Will Fight for You

Your lung cancer lawyer answers to you — not to a big company. Once you initiate your lung cancer lawsuit, your attorney will work tirelessly on your behalf to get justice and compensation for your illness. Lung cancer lawyers are paid on a contingency fee — meaning they only receive payment when you do. There is no up-front cost to you.

How Can Sokolove Law Help?

Sokolove Law, LLC is the nation’s most trusted asbestos law firm, and the first truly national law firm with an office and a licensed attorney in almost every state. For more than 30 years, James Sokolove’s passion and commitment to legal access and public service has helped bring justice and compensation to over 2,000 victims of asbestos-related diseases and cancers — and their families and loved ones.

Our nationwide affiliate network of asbestos attorneys and asbestos lung cancer lawyers helps provide equal access to our nation’s court system — regardless of income or race. You can count on us.