$677 Million Nursing Home Abuse Award Reduced to $63 Million Settlement

by Sokolove Law

When we wrote about the enormous settlement leveled at a California nursing home chain a few weeks back, the industry was up in arms in the face of what they believed was an over-sized award for an undersized infraction. No one had been killed or physically harmed after all – at issue was the alleged understaffing of Skilled Healthcare’s 22 nursing homes (an allegation that the company still maintains is false).

Skilled Healthcare argued that such a large settlement would bankrupt them and a judge agreed, reducing the $677 million award to nearly $63 million. About $50 million of the award will go to the approximately 32,000 patients who lived at the facilities and their nursing home abuse attorneys. The remaining $12.8 million will be used to get the chain in compliance with the federally mandated staffing levels.

This motion brings to end what might have been the longest civil trial in Humboldt County history – spanning six years, 129 motions, 14 writs and two appeals.

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