Cerebral Palsy Patient Meets George Clooney

by Sokolove Law

A 25-year-old with cerebral palsy may have the ultimate agent – and wingman – in George Clooney after meeting the celebrity actor at a recent Hollywood event.

Cody La Scala is an aspiring actor who was born with cerebral palsy that limits his ability to speak and requires that he use a wheelchair to move. While attending the 26th Anniversary Carousel Of Hope Ball in Beverly Hills recently, Cody was lucky enough to meet Clooney and take a picture with him.

During the meeting Cody was also told Clooney that he wanted to be an actor, something that Radar Online reported Clooney was very supportive of.

“George was so touched. It was so cute. He hugged Cody and introduced him to Stacy [Keibler],” an eyewitness told the gossip website. “They chatted for a bit and George encouraged him to follow his dream, took down his number and promised to make some calls.”

Cody also got some help from Clooney after revealing that he had a crush on former Baywatch star Carmen Electra, who was also at the event. Clooney called over to Electra as she was walking by and had her come over to meet Cody and give him a kiss on the cheek.

Good luck to Cody and his acting career, and it sounds like he had a great night out in Hollywood!

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