Dental X-Rays May Cause Brain Tumors

by Sokolove Law

Consumers may want to take precautions when visiting the dentist as a new study links frequent dental X-rays to an increased risk of brain tumor development.

Researchers gave surveys to 1,433 dental patients with meningiomas (brain tumors), and compared them with 1,350 people without tumors, asking them about their history of dental X-rays.

They found that people with meningiomas were twice as likely to have had a dental X-ray than those without a brain tumor. They also found that the people who reported to have had a dental X-ray at least once per year had an increased risk of brain tumor development.

Researchers note the limitations of the study, given that results are primarily based on the participants’ memories of their dental X-ray histories, so people may have under or over estimated the number, according to the Boston Globe.

Despite the limitations, researchers note that the findings should serve as a cautionary reminder that dental X-rays may be harmful if ordered too frequently.

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