Feds Crack Down on Deceptive School Recruiting of Veterans

by Sokolove Law

President Barack Obama recently signed on order that will require more financial disclosure during the student recruiting process by schools to ensure the protection of veterans and their families.

The government said that some schools recruit veterans who have brain injuries and offer them limited academic support. These schools also encourage the recruits and their families to seek expensive loans instead of suggesting less expensive federal student aid.

The order will put a cap on the access school recruiters have to military facilities and will require schools to provide financial aid options, according to Bloomberg. It will also outline tuition and federal financial aid information in the “Know Before You Owe” form, created by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Department of Education.

The government also seeks to stop the incorrect use of the term “GI Bill”—referring to an education benefit program for members of the military—so websites will not be able to use it to lure veterans.

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