Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Leads to $12.9 Million Award

by Sokolove Law

A Philadelphia jury was awarded $12.88 million to a woman who suffered injuries when she vomited following a thyroidectomy and sustained injuries that left her in a vegetative state.

According to The Legal Intelligencer (subscription required), Sharon Phillips’ son, Eugene Stokes, filed the medical malpractice lawsuit against Temple University Hospital. He said his mother had surgery to remove her thyroid and had her breathing tube removed within hours of the procedure despite his concerns. She began to vomit soon after and began bleeding in her neck, which cut off her airway, according to the complaint.

Philips was without oxygen for several minutes before doctors could stabilize her, which led to her slipping into the persistent vegetative state she remains in today.

The jury found the hospital liable for Phillips’ injuries and handed down the verdict, which will cover damages for future pain, suffering and loss of life’s pleasures as well as medical expenses and loss of earnings.

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