Nurse Reveals Abuse Occuring at Facility

by Sokolove Law

Half a million yearly reports and millions more cases unreported, nursing home abuse remains a serious issue that can affect anyone involved with the system. A recent story by Orange News shines light on one nursing home worker who could no longer let abusive acts continue at his workplace. He chose to blow the whistle.

Senior nurse Terry Bryan told reporters that in 30 years of nursing, nothing had prepared him for the “drudgery of daily life” at the private hospital where he worked.

He recounted memories of staff threatening residents to do as they are told, with the workers’ response being that “management wanted it that way.” Bryan saw elders being teased, frightened and neglected.

Bryan had worked at the care home in Europe since 2010. It reached a point, he noted, that staff just became desensitized to noise, chaos and boredom. He began secretly taping staff and their actions against residents. Soon enough, he alerted the news and an inconspicuous investigation began. 

The results were broadcast on television. Bryan wept at what atrocities BBC captured, beyond the “drudgery of daily life” he’d anticipated.

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