Pain Management Implants Recalled for Battery Charging Issues

by Sokolove Law

St. Jude Medical issued a recall for some of its pain management implants from the Eon and Eon Mini lines after hundreds of the medical devices had to be removed from patients when the batteries failed too soon or overheated while recharging.

St. Jude’s Eon and Eon Mini devices racked up 325 reports of overheating during recharging and 72 resulting explants or removals, according to Mass Device. In three cases, patients received 1st or 2nd degree skin surface burns. In addition, problems with the Eon Mini’s battery welds resulted in another 214 explantations.

The recall triggered at least one personal injury lawsuit filed by a patient alleging that her Eon Mini battery was faulty and had to be removed when the battery failed after only six months, according to Mass Device.

St. Jude announced that it is taking the steps needed to correct the issue with the battery supplier.

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