Product Liability Lawsuit Over Sushi Salmonella

by Sokolove Law

The first product liability lawsuit has been filed over a salmonella outbreak associated with tainted sushi that has already sickened 141 people in 20 states.

The complaint, which was filed by two Wisconsin women, centers around Moon Marine U.S.A. Corp’s “Nakaochi Scrape”- or frozen back meat that is shaved from fishbones – that ended up in about 60,000 pounds of ground yellowfin tuna. The women allege they became ill after consuming tainted sushi that contained the product from the same restaurant.

Both women say they are still recovering from the salmonella poisoning, which they contracted six-to-nine weeks ago, according to MSNBC.

“When they saw how bad my colon was ulcerated, they first thought it could have been Crohn’s disease, or something where I may have had to have my colon removed at 22,” said one of the women about the injuries she sustained.

Moon Marine recalled their product after it was linked to the outbreak.

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