Soldiers Launch Military Toxic Exposure Lawsuit against KBR

by Sokolove Law

More than 200 soldiers from the U.S. and England are part of two federal military toxic exposure lawsuits that allege the engineering and construction services company KBR exposed them to dangerous cancer-causing chemicals

According to the Houston Press, soldiers who were stationed at or near the 50-acre Qarmat Ali facility in Basra, Iraq often complained of breathing issues, trouble sleeping, coughing, and nose bleeds. The soldiers claim that KBR representatives reassured them that their health problems were caused by sand or the overuse of protein drinks.

However, the soldiers’ dangerous chemical lawsuits also state that they later learned that KBR was aware that the facility housed chemically treated water that contained sodium dichromate – a dangerous anticorrosive compound containing hexavalent chromium – but downplayed its presence in 2003 for months before reporting it to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in mid-August.

The lawsuits added that two National Guardsmen who served at the Qarmat Ali facility died from illnesses that were directly associated with sodium dichromate exposure.

If you or a loved one have served in the military and been exposed to dangerous chemicals, there may be legal action worth pursuing. Contact Sokolove Law today to learn more about potentially pursuing a military toxic exposure lawsuit.

Photo courtesy of Greg Scales via Flickr.

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