Tylenol Sued in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

by Sokolove Law

The Illinois parents of an infant filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson claiming the company’s Tylenol recall caused their 2-month-old child’s death.

Malgorzata and Michael Cherry allege that their child, Markus, was a healthy infant before he was given grape-flavored Concentrated Tylenol Drops in 2010, according to CBS Chicago. They claim that Markus passed away three days later from the Tylenol that was tainted with harmful bacteria.

Thirteen days after Markus’ death, the drugmaker recalled the Concentrated Tylenol Drops and 40 other types of infants’ and children’s medications.

The wrongful death lawsuit claims that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found manufacturing and contamination problems at the plant where the drug was made–the McNeil Consumer Healthcare plant in Fort Washington PA. The lawsuit also contends that the FDA previously found quality control issues at the same facility.

The couple alleges that Johnson & Johnson is responsible for not responding properly to previous warnings from safety officials and not giving the public enough warning about the dangerous medications. They charge the company with negligent manufacturing, consumer fraud, misrepresentation, liability for defects and failure to warn customers.

Earlier this year, a similar wrongful death lawsuit was filed by a couple whose toddler died after ingesting Children’s Tylenol.

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