Warning Issued for “Smart Drugs”

by Sokolove Law

Imagine this: treatments that will help you lose weight, boost your intelligence, increase your fitness and improve your mood!

Sound too good to be true?

Experts think so and have issued a warning against these so-called “smart drugs” citing that they can cause serious adverse side effects such as mercury poisoning, allergic reactions, brain damage and liver damage.

Two U.K health experts chart an unprecedented growth of these types of drugs – sold illegally – over the past couple of years in a report entitled Human Enhancement Drugs-The Emerging Challenges to Public Health.

Weight loss supplements containing unapproved drugs have caused liver damage and deaths, skin lightening creams have caused mercury poisoning, and sexual enhancement products contaminated with a diabetes drug have caused brain damage and deaths.

Doctors need to be aware of the possibility that people might be taking these substances without the knowing they are dangerous drugs, according to the Telegraph.

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