Yoga Therapy Helps Cerebral Palsy Patient

by Sokolove Law

Twenty-year-old Erin Feeney was born with cerebral palsy that affects both her muscle use and speech. However, through the use of yoga programs designed for people with special needs, she has been able manage the effects of her condition.

The Chicago Tribune recently reported on Feeney, who has performed specialized yoga for one hour a week over the last three years with practitioner Karen Fakroddin. The yoga therapy usually consists Feeney having her extremities gently manipulated and stretched while also using her neck muscles to lift her head.

In the time since beginning her yoga therapy, Feeney has seen dramatic improvement in her trunk control, stamina, breathing, and digestion while also decreasing the amount of pain she used to feel in her limbs.

“The knowledge of yoga for special needs is up, and there is more coming,” said Fakroddin. “It helps the special needs children to slow down, to focus. They are able to accept their limitations and work through them. It’s a tough world. To be able to empower them, to give them the tools to help themselves, is wonderful.”

While a treatment program such as yoga for people with special needs usually requires a doctor’s approval, that does not mean that an insurance company will necessarily pay for the costs associated with it.

If you have a child who was born with cerebral palsy and requires treatment that insurance won’t cover, speak to Sokolove Law today about pursuing a birth injury lawsuit. Money won in a lawsuit can be directed specifically towards medical bills for the rest of your child’s life.

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