Asbestos Closes Mississippi Shoreline

by Sokolove Law

A section of Mississippi seashore that is managed by the National Park Service has been closed to the public following the discovery of a number of dangerous chemicals and materials, asbestos included, on the land.

Dan Brown, the superintendant of the Gulf Islands National Seashore, recently announced that a section of Horn Island – which is located off the Mississippi coast – would immediately be closed off to the public so the dangerous substances could be sectioned off and removed. The substances were discovered after a site assessment was conducted on the area by an environmental services company.

The site assessment was originally part of a requested in June by British Petroleum (BP) to learn about any potential chemical and biological hazards the island before it began its cleanup efforts in of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster.

“We received confirmation Thursday that there are asbestos materials on the ground on the northwestern shore of the island in an area that contains the remains of a military facility that was active in the 1940s,” Brown said.”A preliminary test also indicated the possible presence of a chemical agent known commonly as mustard gas. We are still awaiting confirmation of that.”

He added that a team of experts had been brought in to assess the situation and decide on the most safe and effective ways to clean the island and open it to the public again.

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