Asbestos Delays Construction of Energy Plant

by Sokolove Law

The discovery of potentially dangerous asbestos products on the construction site of a new natural gas plant in North Carolina has halted all building operations so proper abatement procedures can take place.

While digging on the future site of the Sutton Energy Complex, workers uncovered an underground structure that was more than 50-years-old. Testing confirmed that the structure contained trace amounts of asbestos.

Officials from the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) were called to the site. They decided, along with officials from Progress Energy (the owners of the plant), to halt construction until the asbestos had been properly removed.

Representatives from Progress Energy told Wilmington NBC affiliate WECT-TV that no workers had yet complained of any ill effects that could have been caused by asbestos exposure. While the energy plan had originally been slated for completion in 2014, it is not known how the asbestos abatement delay may adjust the timeline.

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