Asbestos Lawsuit Launched Against BNSF Railway

by Sokolove Law

Two Nebraska men who used to work for BNSF Railway have brought an asbestos lawsuit against the company alleging that it is to blame for their asbestos-related diseases.

William Schleicher began work as a blacksmith in 1943 at a reclamation plant owned by the railroad company. Years later in 1968 Cox began working at a BNSF heating plant. At both of these locations, the men claim they regularly dealt with products containing asbestos, according to the Lincoln Journal Star.

Both men now suffer from asbestos-related diseases, and claim that BNSF’s subpar working conditions and failure to provide them with proper safety materials are the reasons for their illnesses. Their asbestos lawsuit accuses BNSF of negligence and failure to provide a safe place to work.

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