Asbestos Leads to Canadian School Closure

by Sokolove Law

A Canadian high school is closing its doors early for the summer, as the discovery of asbestos in the building has caused enough worry for school officials to move all classes to a new location for the remainder of the school year.

Students at the John F. Kennedy High School, which is located in Montreal’s St. Michel district, will take their final few weeks worth of classes at the nearby Rosemount High school after the recent discovery of asbestos in two of the school’s ventilation rooms. Students at the JFK Business Centre will be relocated to a new location for classes as well.

The loose asbestos was first discovered at the school three weeks ago. Following the initial decision to close the school and clean the ventilation rooms last week, follow up tests deemed that the rooms were safe. Additional testing found that the asbestos had likely not gotten airborne.

However, the decision to keep the school closed for the remainder of the school year was made so further testing could be done to ensure the building was safe, according to the Montreal Gazette.

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