Asbestos Problems Persist in Japan

by Sokolove Law

More than one year after the earthquakes that ravaged Japan, a new study has found dangerous asbestos levels in some cleanup areas well exceed safety limits set by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The Health, Labor, and Welfare Ministry partnered with the Environmental Ministry to measure the asbestos density in the air at 114 different sites that have been in some state of repair or cleanup since the 2011 earthquakes. The report found that 14 sites had asbestos-to-air ratios ranging from 10.6 to 783.5.

Each of those numbers exceed the WHO’s safety limit of asbestos-per-liter-of-air ratio, which is 10.

Furthermore, in yet another example of how asbestos is often present at dangerous levels in buildings that are regularly used by the public the site with the 783.5 asbestos ratio was a hotel being demolished Sendai, The Daily Yomiuri reported.

Loose asbestos fibers that become inhalable following a natural disaster became a national concern in Japan following the 1995 Hanshin earthquake. In its aftermath, at least three workers developed health issues relating to asbestos exposure.

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