Asbestos Removed From Buckingham Palace

by Sokolove Law

God Save the Queen… from asbestos?

A recently released report documenting the British royal family’s spending showed a sizable amount of money being spent on removing asbestos products from older sections of Buckingham Palace. Recently, one million pounds (approximately $1.5 million) was spent to remove asbestos from the ducts under the floor in the palace’s south wing, UPI reported. It also reports that it is expected to take 20 years – and much more money – to remove asbestos from the entire building.

“The mechanical and electrical services at Buckingham Palace were largely installed in 1949 and are in need of replacement,” the account reported, according to UPI. “The mains are distributed around the palace from central plant rooms in ducts that run under the basement floor of three of the four wings. This … comprises the removal of the cover of each duct, clearance of asbestos contamination.”

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that dangerous asbestos product are present in the palace. Older sections of the structure were built as early as 1705, and renovations during the 18th and 19th centuries could very well have included asbestos products that were popular at the time.

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