Aussie Police Complex Finds Asbestos in Roof

by Sokolove Law

While America battles the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Australian authorities are battling a natural problem of their own.

According to The Australian, staff at a police complex are moving to leased accommodation after proposed works to replace the air conditioning plant at the station identified asbestos in the roof structures.

While the asbestos does not pose an existing problem, staff cannot remain there during the removal process. Relocation was unavoidable, staff said.

When left intact and undisturbed, asbestos materials do not pose a health risk to people working or living in buildings. Inhaling asbestos fibers can pose substantial health risks, including mesothelioma and malignant lung cancer.

The building was constructed in 1897 and statutes had prevented any substantial renovations until this point. Management said this turn of events would not interrupt police service.

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