Australia Banning Asbestos?

by Sokolove Law

Very promising news out of Australia, as a government-commissioned report is formally asking for asbestos products to be removed from all commercial and government buildings by 2030.

Bill Shorten, the Workplace Minister, released the asbestos report. In it, he warns of the potential for a new wave of mesothelioma and asbestos-related disease diagnoses over the next 20 years that could affect up to 40,000 people. The people most likely to suffer from these asbestos illnesses were singled out as men and women who either built or performed construction on a house and those who washed the asbestos-filled work clothes of loved ones.

In order to partially rectify this problem and decrease the mesothelioma risk, the report calls for the removal of all asbestos products by 2030, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

In the meantime, Shorten warned that people performing home renovations or construction should be sure to get asbestos product advice and help from experts to minimize any mesothelioma risk.

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