Boston University Fined for Asbestos

by Sokolove Law

The continued observance of asbestos violations at Boston University has led to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s (MassDEP) enforcement of $30,750 penalty against the school’s trustees.

Boston University’s trustees were initially fined $74,250 in May 2011 after the MassDEP discovered asbestos violations that occurred at the Robinson Medical Building, the George Sherman Student Union, an a residence hall at 273 Babcock Street. While $33,500 was paid at that time, the remaining $30,750 payment was put on hold as incentive for the university to incur no additional asbestos violations over the next 12 months.

However, only one month later in June a contractor hired by Boston University to work on demolition and renovation projects at two on-campus locations were found by MassDEP to have removed asbestos-containing material before the school filed the appropriate paperwork to do so with the state. 

“This represents a continued failure concerning what is the proper removal of asbestos-containing materials on the grounds of Boston University,” said Eric Worrall, the acting director of MassDEP’s Northeast Regional Office. “It demonstrates an unwillingness or inability to control and implement the kind of facility-wide procedures necessary to better protect the health and safety of workers or anyone who could potentially be exposed by breathing asbestos fibers, a known carcinogenic.”

Because the university could not properly abide by state asbestos laws for the 12 month period, MassDEP is now demanding that the trustees pay the remaining $30,750 in suspended penalties.

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