Building Owner Illegally Disposed of Asbestos, Says EPA

by Sokolove Law

A building company and its owner have been indicted on charges of improper asbestos abatement after products containing the dangerous fiber were found illegally disposed of, the Environmental Protection Agency recently announced.

According to the Lorain Chronicle-Telegram, Lorne J. Elbert Jr. and his company – Elbert Building Co. Inc. – were indicted on EPA charges of illegally removing asbestos from a building the company owned and was planning on demolishing.

After contacting a licensed asbestos abatement company in June 2007 to inquire on pricing for the removal of 800 square feet of asbestos insulation from the building’s boiler room, Elbert Building Co. received a price quote of $4,900 for the work. While Elbert informed the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency that it would be using a licensed asbestos contractor for the project, it instead paid an unlicensed individual $35 to do the work one month later.

An inspection by Ohio EPA officials found four drums that contained dry asbestos products. Asbestos particles were also found left behind in the boiler room and in the parking lot.

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