Chantix Ads Continue to Run in Canada

by Sokolove Law

Pfizer Canada is continuing to advertise its smoking cessation drug Chantix, despite research showing that its usage may increase the risk of heart-related side effects.

According to the Toronto Sun, Pfizer began its most recent campaign for the drug, which is sold under the name Champix in Canada, in January. The advertising campaign for Chantix in Canada was started last September after a study released by the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) said the drug use increases the risk of heart problems by 72 percent.

In the United States, companies cannot run television ads for drugs that carry black-box warnings. Chantix carries a black-warning in the United States.

After the release of the CMAJ report, Health Canada launched a safety review of the drug. As the study has not yet been completed, the Chantix advertisements can still be seen across Canada, the Sun reported.

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