Children Use Asbestos as Chalk, Increase Mesothelioma Risk

by Sokolove Law

A group of Niagara Falls, NY parents are suddenly facing mesothelioma concerns in regard to their children after kids were found to be playing with chunks of asbestos in front of an old school.

The children were found to be drawing with asbestos on the sidewalk as if it were chalk in front of the old Niagara Falls Junior High School. Officials determined that the asbestos was likely left there by thieves who broke into the old school to steal piping that was lined with asbestos insulation and discarded of the covering on the street.

“It just shocks me. I’m scared for my daughter. What’s to come of her health later on?” Tammy Shermer, the mother of one girl who was drawing with the deadly substance, according to Buffalo’s WIVB News Channel 4.

Cynthia Bianco, the Niagara Falls’ superintendent of schools, said that appropriate actions would be taken to clean up the area and make it safe for children to play near in the future.

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