CT School Undergoes Asbestos Removal During Summer

by Sokolove Law

Another day, another school undergoing asbestos abatement.

Workers recently arrived at the Danbury High School, the public school in the southern Connecticut suburb, to begin a substantial renovation project involving windows in the school’s D Building. Because some of the windows are more than 40-years-old, there will be some level of asbestos removal involved in the procedure.

The primary asbestos concern for the procedure involves caulking around the windows that likely contain the dangerous fiber. Because of this, a careful process in which each window is sealed with plastic as it is taken out and removed from the building. The goal is to remove the windows without accidentally releasing any asbestos fibers into the building that may be inhaled by students when the school year kicks off in September.

“It’s a major undertaking,” said Thomas Hughes, superintendent of construction services in the city’s Public Works Department, according to the Danbury Patch. “The window guys are right behind the men removing the windows.”

Antonio Iadrola, the public works director, added that removing the asbestos products now would hopefully prevent a more serious mesothelioma risk at the school in the years to come.

During the renovations, the building will be fenced in and off limits to anyone under the age of 18.

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