Donna Summer Killed By Asbestos?

by Sokolove Law

The illness that led to the recent passing of disco icon Donna Summer might have been caused in part by asbestos she inhaled while living New York City following the 9/11 attacks, at least according to what she may have told friends and loved ones.

Following the surprising death of the 63-year-old singer earlier this month, Summer’s family did not release any information on what the cause of death was. However, it was widely reported that she had previously been diagnosed with breast cancer, and ultimately died from a form of lung cancer. While reports differed on whether or not Summer was a smoker (it was known that she performed for years in smoke-filled clubs), TMZ reported that Summer was concerned about the asbestos dust she inhaled in New York City following the 9/11 attacks.

Summer lived near the World Trade Center site, and sources close to her said she became paranoid about the dangerous chemicals and substances – including asbestos – that were released into the air following the buildings’ collapse. When she later developed the lung cancer that eventually led to her death, she felt that the toxic air had led to her illness.

The World Trade Center was built using insulation that contained asbestos. Following the attacks, many New Yorkers complained of health issues stemming from the inhalation of asbestos and other inhalable chemicals that became airborne following the attacks.

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