EPA Awards Grant to Remove Asbestos From Oklahoma Schools

by Sokolove Law

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has given the Oklahoma Department of Labor (ODL) more than $230,000 to help facilitate the process of removing asbestos from state schools that may be putting students and teachers at an increased mesothelioma risk.

The ODL will receive the $234,713 in the grant, which was formally awarded by EPA this week, that it will use to fund inspections encourage compliance with the state’s Asbestos in Schools Program.

The EPA details the Asbestos in Schools program as a designed to protect the health of school children and other occupants as well as the community.

Asbestos was used in the construction products that schools built in the 20th century contain. Even with asbestos abatement strategies in place for decades now, students and teachers are still exposed to dangers levels of asbestos at schools, and therefore have a higher risk of eventually developing mesothelioma.

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