Famed Mountain Climber Lincoln Hall Dies of Mesothelioma

by Sokolove Law

Lincoln Hall, the famed mountain climber who is known by many for his dramatic rescue from the near-summit of Everest in 2006, has died from mesothelioma at the age of 56.

Hall was known by mountaineers around the world for the many climbs he completed throughout his life, as well as the role he served as the director of the Australian Himalayan Foundation. However, he is known by many more for his climb of Mount Everest in 2006. After hiking to the summit, Hall passed out from oxygen deprivation during his descent. Thought to be dead by many, he survived after he was miraculously found by another group of mountaineers the next morning and returned to the mountain’s base.

Mesothelioma lawsuits that were brought by Hall in the wake of his mesothelioma diagnosis claimed that asbestos exposure he likely suffered during his youth when helping his father build cubby houses out of asbestos cement flat sheets likely led to his development of the deadly cancer, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

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