Federal Building Closed Due To Mesothelioma Danger

by Sokolove Law

The discovery of asbestos fibers in a Tennessee Federal Building has led to the building’s closure so cleaning can take place to mitigate the risk of any workers eventually developing mesothelioma.

The building, which is located in Oak Ridge, was shut down immediately after the building’s owners discovered asbestos-containing insulation near the building’s heating-and-air system. After initially trying to limit the asbestos issue to that area, the building was eventually closed after more asbestos was found in other areas.

While initial air samples taken inside the building showed no danger to workers in the building, additional testing was still ordered to ensure there was no mesothelioma risk. As a result, 350 employees at the office – most of whom work for the Department of Energy – have been told to not come to the office until the matter is solved, Knox News reported.

Professional Environmental Consulting has also been hired to provide additional inspections at the building. There is no timetable yet for when the building will reopen.

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