Global Asbestos Awareness Week: How Lawsuits Brought Down the Great Asbestos Empire

history of asbestos litigation

In 1969, the Johns-Manville Corporation paid 285 of its former employees in a historic asbestos settlement. The workers argued that Johns-Manville had known the extreme health risks of asbestos since before the 1920s, but failed — decade after decade — to warn their employees. As a result, these employees developed asbestos-related diseases, including mesothelioma.

The 1970s then saw a surge in similar asbestos claims, ultimately culminating in Johns-Manville and dozens of other companies filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Many of these now-defunct companies had subscribed to the reckless business philosophy of “profits over people.” Driven by corporate greed, they believed the short-term financial gain from making and selling asbestos-containing products outweighed the lives of their workers.

They were wrong — and they are still paying for their costly mistake. Since 1969, more than 1 million people have filed asbestos claims against more than 8,000 different companies. Over $70 Billion has been spent on court costs and settlements paid out to victims of asbestos-related disease.

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Last modified: April 6, 2020