Jury Awards Quadriplegic Ironworker $64 Million For Fall

by Sokolove Law

An Illinois jury awarded $64 million to a quadriplegic ironworker who was paralyzed following a fall off a steel beam.

The Chicago Tribune reports plaintiff Ronald Bayer snapped his neck in 2007 after he fell off a beam at a construction site and landed 15 feet below on a concrete foundation. Bayer was paralyzed from below his chest and was left with limited ability to move his arms. He now needs constant medication and two full time caregivers.

The lawsuit alleges that general contractor Panduit Corp. did not provide safety cables on the steel beams for workers to hook onto. The defendant argued that the accident was Bayer’s fault as he chose not to hook himself.

The jury found Bayer 20 percent liable for his injuries and Panduit was given 80 percent of the blame. Panduit plans to appeal, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Falls are a leading cause of death in the workplace, according to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

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