MA Company Fined for Asbestos Exposure Violations

by Sokolove Law

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) has fined three businesses $35,000 for illegally removing and storing potentially hazardous asbestos products.

The fine was levied after a Provincetown construction site was found to contain loose asbestos-laden products that were not being safely contained on the site, nor stored back at the construction company’s Southborough location during a March 2010 MassDEP inspection.

During the inspections, MassDEP observed dry asbestos-containing waste materials on the ground at the Provincetown site, and dry asbestos-containing waste materials being stored in unmarked, torn, household trash bags at the Southborough location, the MassDEP complaint read, according to Metrowest Daily News.

The MassDEP complaint cited the companies for not properly notifying state officials that construction work that potentially involved asbestos products were goint to take place. It also required that licensed asbestos abatement contractors be brought in to properly handle any asbestos products and safely dispose of them.

The three businesses in question – CJS Holdings II, Inc., 2 Commercial Street Realty Trust 2008 of Provincetown and Clifford J. Schorer III of Boston – all share one common address and seem to be related.

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