MA Construction Company Cited for Asbestos Violations

by Sokolove Law

A construction company has been cited for asbestos violations and fined $10,887 by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) after it improperly handled asbestos materials during a boiler plant demolition in 2010.

Commonwealth Tank of Wakefield had been tasked with the boiler plant demolition project on a piece of land owned by the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth. During the demolition process on June 24, 2010, MassDEP officials conducted an unannounced inspection at the site and found that broken sections of heavy concrete had fallen onto asbestos-containing pipe insulation. While workers from the company had attempted to wet the insulation in order to limit any asbestos exposure, lab samples confirmed that asbestos material had been exposed in the broken insulation.

Following the asbestos discovery, work on the site was immediately stopped until Commonwealth Tank submitted an approval plan to complete the work to a licensed and certified asbestos contractor. The project was finally completed weeks later on July 13.

“Anyone who works on or around oil tanks, particularly the thermal-system insulation, has got to be aware of the prospect of asbestos-containing materials,” said Philip Weinberg, director of MassDEP’s Southeast Regional Office. “Commonwealth Tank workers must ensure that proper procedures are in place and carried out without exception, or else their own health and safety and anyone nearby is at risk from exposure to asbestos fibers.”

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