Maryland Library Recovers From Asbestos Problem

by Sokolove Law

The meeting room at an aging Maryland library will reopen for the first time in weeks today following an asbestos abatement project to remove tiling that could have otherwise posed a mesothelioma risk to those who used it.

Following the removal of carpeting from the meeting room of the Catonsville Library, a spokesman for the Baltimore County Public Library System (BCPLS) told the Baltimore Sun that old tiling was discovered that was some suspected could have been made using asbestos.

Asbestos was commonly used as a component of tiles for construction until the 1980s.

Instead of taking the time to test the tiles and confirm or deny the presence of asbestos, library officials instead erred on the side of caution and immediately closed the room until proper asbestos abatement procedures had been performed.

“Based on the age of the tile, we took the high road,” said Bob Hughes of the BCPLS. “In order to ensure it wasn’t asbestos, which would have been typical of the time period when the tile was put down, we brought in an asbestos abatement company.”

While the project to remove the asbestos ended up costing nearly $10,000, it’s a small price to pay to ensure that library employees and visitors are not put at an increased risk of eventually developing mesothelioma.

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