Meet The Russian Asbestos Mine That Is Half the Size of Manhattan

by Sokolove Law

Those who are even slightly familiar with worldwide asbestos mining sites probably know about the Quebec town of Asbestos, which has been reported on from news publications to The Daily Show. However, a recent Bloomberg Television report has cast a light on another huge asbestos mine that is nearly half the size of Manhattan island and still active to this day.

As reported by Business Insider, the Russian town of Asbest has found itself at odds with the United States and its drive to ban the use of asbestos. According to the article, some of the town’s 75,000 residents blame propaganda from the west as the reason that their chief export has had its reputation sullied in recent decades. They would have good reason to be protective of the image surrounding asbestos, as exporting the fiber accounts for 70 percent of the city’s budget.

As for the town’s mine, more than five billion tons of asbestos have been removed from the mine in the last 120 years. As staggering a figure as that is, officials reportedly think the site can still be mined for another 150 years.

However, despite these figures, the program also reported that factories in the town had begun creating insulation products that do not contain asbestos in case the fiber’s use is further restricted.

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