Mesothelioma Kills Woman in the UK from Secondary Asbestos Exposure

by Sokolove Law

Mesothelioma has claimed the life of a woman who allegedly developed the disease after years of washing her husband’s work clothes that were regularly covered in asbestos.

According to the Derby Telegraph, Jill Bolstridge washed her husband’s work clothes for 10 years, first by shaking the dirt off from the overalls before putting them into the washing machine. Her husband worked at engineering firm S Robinson and Sons.

Bolstridge was 56-years-old when she began to feel out of breath and required the use of an inhaler. It was soon confirmed that she was suffering from mesothelioma and was diagnosed in May 2011.

Her husband’s workplace began to send his work clothes to special cleaners, but this was well after the damage to her lungs had been done. She passed away in October 2011.

Her family has since filed an asbestos lawsuit against the engineering company and is still awaiting a verdict.

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Photo courtesy of Dave Merrill via Flickr.

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