Mesothelioma Cases Due to Loose Asbestos

by Sokolove Law

A Saskatchewan man who was recently diagnosed with mesothelioma is leading a push to create a registry that lists all buildings in the province that contain asbestos so those who work in the structures can protect themselves accordingly.

According to the CBC, 59-year-old Howard Willems had worked as a federal food plant inspector for 30 years before his mesothelioma diagnosis last year. Following the diagnosis, Willems theorized that his illness had been caused by his years of visiting old buildings and plants that contained asbestos products.

He added that if he had known that the buildings he was entering had loose asbestos in them he could have planned ahead and worn a protective mask and perhaps avoided his illness. That is why he has begun a campaign to institute an asbestos registry in Saskatchewan that would allow employees to learn whether or not a building they work in contains asbestos products.

Everyone has a right to know when they go into a workplace or when they’re going into a building, it is safe, he said.

The Canadian Cancer Society has also made attempts to create an asbestos registry in Canada, having previously issued requests to both the Canadian prime minister and the finance minister regarding the matter.

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