New York Church Investigated for Asbestos Program

by Sokolove Law

A church in Watervilet, NY that may be demolished is the focus of an asbestos investigation by the state Department of Labor (DOL) amid concerns it may contain the mesothelioma-causing fibers.

St. Patrick’s Church sits on 3.5 acre property that is currently in the process of being potentially rezoned for business so Nigro Companies can build a supermarket. The church is currently being deconstructed and would be demolished to make way for the structure if the town’s City Council approves the rezoning.

However, following a visit to the church by DOL investigators, concerns were raised about potential asbestos products that could be present in the church. Michael Manning, the Mayor of Waterlivet, told the Times Union that he had been told by the church’s reverend that an issue had arisen with asbestos.

If asbestos is found in the church, extra precautions would have to be to safely remove the deadly fibers from the site. Furthermore, the discovery of asbestos could also raise concern among some of the church’s congregation that regularly inhabited the building about a potentially increased risk of developing mesothelioma.

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