NJ Company Charged with Asbestos Crimes

by Sokolove Law

The owner of a New Jersey contracting company has been arrested and charged with nearly 50 counts of violating asbestos control laws and theft after he allegedly performed asbestos abatement procedures on a number of buildings – schools included – without the proper training to do so.

Fifty-year-old William T. Muzzio Jr, the owner of Citadel Environmental Consultants, was recently indicted by the Division of Criminal Justice Environmental Crimes Unit and charged with 10 counts of unlawful release of a toxic pollutant, 36 counts of violating the Asbestos Control and Licensing Act, one count of theft by deception, and two counts of uttering a forged document.

The charges stem from an investigation into Citadel in March 2012 after the company had performed remove pipe insulation that contained asbestos from the boiler room of a daycare facility. The investigation found that workers for Citadel were not licensed to perform the asbestos abatement procedure, but performed the procedure anyway, breaking state laws.

As the investigation continued, it was discovered that 35 other 35 other sites – 13 schools, one apartment complex and 21 homes – had hired Muzzio and Citadel to perform asbestos removal projects between April 2011 and May 2012. The shoddy removal jobs led to the unlawful release of asbestos in at least nine homes.

By allegedly performing unlicensed and unsafe asbestos removal at a daycare center, this defendant could have put young children and staff at risk, said New Jersey Attorney General Jeffrey S. Chiesa. Fortunately, state officials discovered the problem and it was quickly addressed. Muzzio was well aware of the dangers posed by asbestos and the fact that a licensed professional must remove it, but we allege that he repeatedly ignored those dangers and risked exposing school children and residents across New Jersey in order to enrich himself.

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