Police Station Closed Due To Asbestos

by Sokolove Law

Policemen and women protect and serve us every day, but unfortunately many of the police stations they report to may be putting them at an increased risk of developing mesothelioma later in life.

A recent story out of Portsmouth, NH reported that the city police station recently had to undergo asbestos abatement procedures after the discovery of asbestos adhesive underneath tile flooring in the building’s lobby. The dangerous adhesive was discovered in the midst of a renovation project to improve the facility’s lobby.

Following the asbestos discovery, the entrance to the police station was closed for a weekend and sealed off from the public so the dangerous asbestos products could be removed. A decontamination station was also set up to ensure no asbestos fibers were released into the air, Seacoast Online reported.

Luckily, the asbestos removal process proved to only be a minor inconvenience to the city’s policemen, However, it also serves as yet another reminder that many older public buildings still probably contain dangerous asbestos products that may increase the mesothelioma risk of those who live or work in the buildings.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma that can be attributed to certain asbestos exposure, call Sokolove Law today to learn more about pursuing a mesothelioma claim.

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