Prempro Lawsuit Award Challenged by Pfizer

by Sokolove Law

Pfizer has once again swayed an appeals court in Pennsylvania to review a punitive damages award of $8.6 million to a woman who claims the menopause drug Prempro caused her to develop breast cancer.

Bloomberg reports that the plaintiff, Mary Daniel, was initially awarded a total of $10.2 million with compensatory damages. However, the award was thrown out by a judge in a later case, but then reinstated earlier this year by a lower Pennsylvania appeals court.

The latest shift in the case came on December 5 when the Pennsylvania Supreme Court agreed to review the case once more and decide if Wyeth, a subsidiary of Pfizer, was negligent and responsible for Daniel’s compensatory award. The pharma company claims that they acted responsibly, and that Prempro had been approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration.

Pfizer and its subsidiaries have lost more than half of all Prempro lawsuits levied against them since 2006, the article added.

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