Salt Lake City Building Owner Cited for Asbestos Crimes

by Sokolove Law

The owners of a building in Salt Lake City have plead guilty to violating the Clean Air Act by illegally removing asbestos products during a renovation of the building.

During renovations that occurred at the Boston Building between May and September 2007, workers were told of asbestos products in the building’s floor tiles and piping, but were not told about asbestos that was present in the ventilation system. As a result, products were removed improperly from the site that contained asbestos and could have sickened workers, as well as the public.

When made aware of the asbestos-containing materials they had been removing, some workers acknowledged that they had made a dangerous mistake.

“Work practice standards for the handling of asbestos exist to protect human life,” said David B. Barlow, a U.S. attorney for Utah, according to the Salt Lake City Tribune. “When companies have information that requires further investigation regarding asbestos in their building and then fail to take the necessary measures to protect their workers and the public from asbestos exposure, they will not only have to spend vast sums of money remediating the contamination, they will be prosecuted.”

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