Son Will Press Late Father’s Asbestos Suit

by Sokolove Law

The son of a deceased United Kingdom postal worker has vowed to continue his father’s mesothelioma lawsuit.

Alnwick, England resident John Deeble died from mesothelioma right before Christmas last year. According to Journal Live, a Northumberland, England news site, his death came less than two years after being diagnosed with the incurable disease. Deeble, 91, had gone to see his physician in March 2011, complaining of being breathless and sudden weight loss. After undergoing an operation to drain fluid from his lungs, Deeble was diagnosed with the illness, which is caused by asbestos exposure.

Deeble claimed he was exposed to deadly asbestos dust in the 1960s. He worked at the Alnwick post office as it was being renovated, and said he was never warned about the dangers of inhaling the dust or given protective clothing or a mask to wear. Deeble’s attorney is now investigating the case by actively seeking people who may have worked with Deeble during the renovation.

His son Peter Deeble confirmed that he will continue to pursue the mesothelioma lawsuit as a tribute to his father. Additionally, this act is for “other people as well, who may have been affected by [mesothelioma]. Peter Deeble noted: Ninety-one is a good age, a really good age and he was fit and active until a couple of months before he died. It was a painful end.

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